Mission and Philsosphy

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MCCI is a private, for-profit, outpatient mental/behavioral health, and/or substance abuse, and/or co-occurring treatment provider dedicated to the mission of reducing/eliminating mental/behavioral health issues, substance abuse issues, co-occurring issues, and the related family difficulties by supporting and assisting Oklahoma’s children/adolescents, adults, and their families (beginning with age 4 and older) to: Make a positive difference in their lives; Improve their overall quality of life; and, Reach their highest potential.  MCCI welcomes every person with substance abuse issues, including those with co-occurring mental health conditions, seeking help and to provide integrated services and supports, in a manner that demonstrates hospitality, respect and offers choices.

We are committed to providing all individuals and family(ies) served by MCCI the opportunity for accessible, affordable, high quality mental/behavioral health and/or substance abuse and/or co-occurring treatment services. Treatment consists of a full continuum of services that clients can choose from that include(s), but is not necessarily limited to: Education; Advocacy; Intervention; Prevention; Treatment; and, Aftercare. These services are designed to support clients and families, and reduce emotional stress at whatever stage of life they are in as well as in their later years.

MCCI provides reasonable accommodations to individuals with disabilities to assist persons with COD disorders in participating in the program and services.  Program activities and tasks are modified to promote opportunities for individuals with disabilities.  Equal opportunity is offered for individuals to participate at all levels of the organization.  MCCI welcomes and provides integrated screening and assessment to all clients in need.

The assessment and treatment plan specifically address co-occurring disabilities, disorders, and/or diagnosis(es) of the persons served in an integrated manner.

Staff at MCCI is qualified to provide services for persons with co-occurring disabilities/disorders and also maintains a strong, competent referral base.  Should qualified staff not be available within the agency, a referral will be made.   In addition, when the client is medically fragile, the individual plan will specifically address how services will be provided in a safe manner and that they are provided by skilled health care providers.

Individual plans are reviewed periodically with the client for continued relevance and are modified when needed.

At discharge, planning address the ongoing medical and behavioral health needs of the client as it relates to disabilities/disorders.


Every individual deserves the opportunity to reach his or her highest potential with the best quality of life that is possible.  MCCI’s philosophy is that mental health, substance abuse, and/or co-occurring disorders are primary, progressive, possibly terminal, but, treatable disorders from which clients can make positive progress in recovery. This philosophy applies to all individuals served by MCCI.  This philosophy motivates MCCI to provide quality behavioral/mental health, substance abuse, and co-occurring treatment services to all clients and is the foundation for planning, development, and coordination of a quality delivery system.

Our services are designed to support them and reduce their emotional stress over time.  MCCI is dedicated to providing individualized, quality services in the least restrictive environment.   Service delivery is guided by individual and/or family desires and needs, while promoting opportunities to develop and exercise competence, make appropriate choices, develop/maintain good relationships with family members and friends, increase individual opportunities, develop/maintain positive community membership, and progress in recovery.

We are focused on serving our community based solely on need for care without regard to economic status, ability to pay,  race,  belief/religion, ethnic origin, national origin, creed, gender, sexual orientation, age, citizenship status,  ancestry race, color, physical or mental disability, degree of disability, marital status,  incidence of communicable disease, veterans status, or place and duration of residence. Services are also provided with the agreement and consent of the client receiving the services, or in the case of persons less than eighteen (18) years of age, with the consent of their parent or legal guardian.  Individuals who lack capacity (those diagnosed with dementia for example) to gain meaningful benefit from outpatient treatment and/or to act on their own behalf regarding healthcare are referred to the appropriate level of care/service provider with an explanation given to the decision maker.

MCCI, Inc. is continually researching and developing services which are needed by our community and are not yet available.  We set high goals and expectations, which we believe are attainable.  Additionally, MCCI’s leadership serves to guide in the establishment and periodic review of the mission and direction of the organization, promotion and achievement of program goals and service outcomes, balancing the expectations of clients and stakeholders, financial solvency, compliance with insurance and risk management requirements, ongoing performance improvement, development and implementation of corporate responsibilities, and compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements.